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World Cleanup Day

Updated: Oct 3, 2021


This is the first year that our club has participated in World Cleanup Day. What we would like to see is everyone picking a spot that they enjoy, and walking through the area to pick up trash. It will help you, your community, your region, the entire. world. This can be a family friendly event, so bring family and friends along and pick up a bag of trash. :-)

Sep 10, 2021: In Radford a few of us are calling on students to help pick up a nearby park. Thus far we have developed a flier to post across campus. A start and stop time and place along with the handing out of trash bags and disposable gloves if the students want to use them. Cross your fingers, and wish us luck.

World Clean Up Day_Radford
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Sep 19, 2021

We had great fun picking up trash at Bisset Park in Radford, Virginia. A dozen people helped to pick up the small stuff like cigarette butts to large items such as bottles and cans. We picked up about four 30 gallon trash bags worth of debris. We tried to work with the Rubbish app, but there wasn't an equivalent app for Android phones, Rubbish only works on an iPhone.

Still we had members picking up trash in four states. Overall a successful activity for our club.

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Unknown member
Sep 18, 2021

Lion Chris cleaned up on a mile walk, app uses a lot of battery so had to shut it down for part of cleanup. The app was fun to use.

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