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Prophetstown Trail of Scarecrows

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Last year our zone entered a display that focused on Lions and vision. This year we would like to focus on Lions and the Environment.


Sep 10, 2021

The application is in! We are a go on this project. I am pulling together lists of things that we will need. One item that we will need a lot of is plastic grocery bags. Our scarecrows will be out standing in their field for over a month, and last year we noted that stuffing our creations with grocery bags worked well, and they didn't lose their shape over time. A second item that we could use is ideas from District 25C zone 1 clubs as to the service projects that they have preformed over the past two years that deal with the environment. We would like to showcase these activities in the display. Send your suggestions to


Oct 1, 2021

Our scarecrow Maria is out at Prophetstown State Park picking up trash.

She represents the MD 25C Zone 1 clubs and their commitment to the environment. While Maria is helping to pick up trash, there are signs and Jack-o-lanterns displaying some of the other services that Lions provide in the area. For example, most of the clubs in Zone 1 collect eyeglasses and hearing aids, a few clubs in the area collect prescription pill bottles so that they may be cleaned and reused. Earl Park Lions Club collects aluminum cans to fund college scholarships for local students going to school. Wolcott Lions Club plants trees, and Indiana Cyber Lions Club collects and passes along bread tabs for wheelchairs, and lids for benches.

The scarecrow display was put up Sep 24-26, by members of the Indiana Cyber and Lafayette Lions Clubs. The "Trail of Scarecrows 2021" runs Oct 1 through Nov 7. Stop by the Prophetstown State Park Visitor's Center and vote for Maria and her efforts to clean the environment and giving back to the community. 1 penny per vote, and all proceeds go to support the Interpretive Center at the Prophetstown State Park.


Oct 10,2021

The Lions Championing Our Environment display has an official number now. We are #6 on the trail of scarecrows. Stop by the Prophetstown State Park and walk the Trail of Scarecrows. Say hello to Maria as you walk by, and on your way out of the park, please cast some your support for Maria's work. 1 penny a vote, the proceeds goes to the Prophetstown State Park Interpretative Center. Vote for Scarecrow Maria! #6.

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